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Being an independent author requires all that and much more: you must also have great confidence in yourself, because you don't have anyone to support you, such as publishers or agents. The relationship with the audience also becomes inevitably more direct, because there are no intermediary persons. You can not present yourself as the well-known writer of a prestigious publishing house, nor can you count on television appearances, paid reviews or industry support.

The dialogue is between the author and the reader, and one must in turn take a leap of faith and believe in your book and in what you do. This is why I always put a lot of care in all my projects, small or large. I'm aware that this achievement must be earned and I know that nothing is received without effort.

For this reason I work hard and every book is studied in detail. Unfortunately certain things are beyond my reach: I can not expect a certain quality of paper, because the price of books rise. I have to accept the many limitations of print on demand. But other than that, I can proudly say that my work is presented with care and reflects my vision. From this point of view, being an independent author can be a strength and not necessarily a weakness.

Another reason I choose indipendent publishing is that there's no easy label with which I can identify. I write fiction, but also manuals and non-fiction texts, because I feel the duty to share with others my knowledge and experience. Even as an artist I have a heterogeneous production: oil paintings, animations, vector graphics. I make the trailers to promote my books and do many other things. But I will speak more fully of it on another occasion.

Write to me, if you wish. You can leave a message on the contact page. As you can imagine, I'm very busy and although I can't always answer your messages, I'll read them all with great pleasure.

Who I am, where I live and what I do is not that important. I believe that an author should express himself through his works,and that seeking personal fame is less important.

For some time I have been interested in print on demand and I choose to publish my books as an independent author. This gives me a certain creative freedom, but at the same time requires a significant commitment on my part.

As an indipendent author I can not limit myself to writing books, but I have to play from time to time different roles: editor, graphic artist, photographer, illustrator, advertising and even web designer.